Community Relations Manager Enjoys Giving Back



Knowing that I want to start my career in the public relations profession when I graduate, I found someone to hold an informational interview with at New Seasons Market. I had the wonderful opportunity to interview Claudia Knotek and learn a little bit more about what she does every day.

Claudia wears one of the many hats that the public relations field has; she is a community relations manager for the organic Portland grocery store, New Seasons Market.

Claudia didn’t start her public relations career here though; she held many positions throughout her life that helped lead her to her position with New Seasons. One of the many pieces of useful information that she gave me was, “You may not get the perfect job but it will help shape you for your future jobs.”

One of the most rewarding aspects of Claudia’s job is that she oversees New Season’s many programs that give back to the community. She enjoys seeing the whole process of giving, especially at the end when New Seasons customers have been so generous as to donate thousands of dollars to help feed hungry children, which is just one example of how they help the community.

After speaking with Claudia about her community relations position I learned a lot about what the position includes and how rewarding it can be. The best piece of advice I am walking away with is that every job opportunity may not be ideal, but it will shape me as a professional and help build me into the public relations practitioner I want to become.


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