A few words that describe me: adventurer, communicator, enthusiastic, laughter, organization fanatic, beer lover and passionate writer.

I’m a native Oregonian who is fascinated with the ever evolving world of marketing. I’ve worked in one of the largest craft brewing companies in the nation, a kid focused nonprofit, small craft breweries, and midsized recruiting company. Through it all I’ve learned one thing – in this industry you have to use your past experience to think on your feet and match the constant evolution of the marketing industry.

I am a graduate from the University of Oregon where I majored in public relations with a minor in communication studies. As a Portland native, and I am looking to pursue a career in marketing within a brewery or agency setting, while remaining in the great Pacific Northwest.

My interest in marketing stems from my personality. I enjoy reading and writing, and I have channeled that into a strong passion for communicating and story telling. I enjoy connecting people and their ideas, as well as diving into a brand and helping it come to life.

On this site, you will discover more about who I am, see some of my professional work, and learn what keeps me on the edge of my seat about marketing.

To find out more about me, connect with me on LinkedIn.


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